Monday, May 16, 2011

How did they try to stop the plague from spreading?

  The plague spread so rapidly that pretty much everyone had it. The doctors tried really hard to keep the people who had the plague, away from people who didn't. If someone if your family figured out that they had the plague, they were immediately taken away and everyone in the household was tested to make sure they didn't have it either. Most people in the household did end up having it; they just didn't show any signs of it yet.

  Another way they tried to prevent the plague from spreading is by eliminating all the rats, which eliminated the fleas. The tried to get rid of the rats by cleaning up all the areas of wastes or garbage so the rats wouldn't have a nests or places to live. They called this Enviromental Sanitation. The next step is to keep the food away from places where the rats and fleas could get into it.  The steps toward the Enviromental Sanitation process took awhile because alot of people didn't catch on fast enough.